She said. He said…. but it was so long ago…

Hesaid-SheSaidGee.. I would hate to think what the FBI would find if I were investigated for something that I may or may not have done during my high school and early college days.

I like beer and I drank much of it during college. I had my first beer when I was 12. I liked it then and I like beer now. I have had my share of hangovers from many good parties. I woke up one morning rolled up inside a sofa bed.

For the most part I behaved around women. But, I can’t remember everything I did when I drank a bit too much. If I offended anyone, I apologize but it was so damn long ago when I played quarters with Jack Daniels.

I feel awful for both Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Something happened in some bedroom during some party. I believe both. Yet, it was so long ago. It may have not been Kavanaugh who held her down and laughed.  There are so few witnesses who can make a difference. Let the FBI investigate but I don’t anything new will be released.

I am glad to see this circus taking place in Washington D.C. during the current President’s term. After all, it take a clown to keep a circus going. And this guy is the Clown-in-Chief.

No one seems to remember that the Republicans prevented President Obama from adding a Supreme Court Justice. In 2016 Merrick Garland was blocked by Republicans from taking a seat on the Supreme Court.

Perhaps this is payback for that.

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