Drones? Robots? Wrist Phone? Give me a high-tech bed any time

LAS VEGAS — A funny thing happened on the way to eat a free lunch at the Las Vegas Convention Center this week.

I was at the International Consumer Electronics Show walking around in the press area looking for a place to sit, rest my feet and eat my complimentary box lunch.

Across the press luncheon there was a door with chairs and as I peaked in someone invited me inside and said the presentation would start in 10 minutes.

Sounded fine to me and I was not in a hurry and I did see there were more boxes of lunches. My lunch box was in a show bag and out of site. The woman pointed to the boxes and said something like, “Grab a lunch and please have a seat.” Well, I am not one to turn down a second free lunch. I grabbed a turkey sandwich box and sat down.

I realized I was in the Sleep Number presentation and about to hear the latest and greatest news about sleep technology. The presenters showed photos and talked about the new technology within the comfortable mattress.

This was the introduction to the Sleep Number x12 bed. I never realized how much tech could be stuffed into mattress.

This was no ordinary bed. This was the new x12 bed with voice command and designed to help anyone get a great night’s rest. It has a computerized monitor and each side has its own controls for couples.

There is also a program to help snorers like me who may need an adjustment in the middle of the night. If one person snores too loud, his spouse could just tell the x12 to raise the mattress and change the snorer’s breathing and hopefully lessen the sounds.

Some bed. However, with a price tag of north of $7,000 I doubt I will ever find this bed in my home.

People in the audience had questions about security of the information used for the bed. Some people are actually afraid that by sleeping on this bed the government may tap into your sleep pattern and check to see if you are actually sleeping or out gathering government secrets. The NSA has made Americans quite nervous it seems.

There was also a question of whether this bed record who actually sleeps in the bed and whether the activity is monitored. The answer is simple: just turn it off and no one will know who did what in the bed and how many positions were used. I doubt the bed is that smart but I do wonder how nice the air cushions would feel while watching TV.

I may go looking for this bed later this week and see how the mattress feels. I may not be able to afford the bed but I can afford a few minutes to lie down and imagine what it would be like to have this bed in my home. I’d like to know my Sleep IQ.

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