Boycott Bud… try Grey Goose

Photo on 2013-10-13 at 00.50 #4I spent several hours watching a game and having some wine. OK.. a whole bottle. The game ended and I collapsed in utter disbelief in my soft recliner. I woke up hours later and Boston was hitless against Detroit. I was still unable to move and soon the no-hitter was gone but Boston still lost. I could care less about the ALCS. I don’t even know how the channel was changed. My dog was running scared after all the shouting. I guess I was doing all the shouting while watching Game 2 of the NLCS.

I still feel numb but at least I did not open that second bottle of wine in the fridge. Oh, but the Grey Goose is apparently now empty. There was just enough for one more gimlet. The Dodgers need to get well at home but I think Magic needs to stop selling anything from St. Louis at Dodgers Stadium. All Los Angeles fans should boycott Bud — horrid stuff anyway. Sell shots of vodka instead. May need it if things do not turn around very quickly.

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