Bad noise for good noise at CES

I went to the first day of CES at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Thursday and found myself wondering aisle after aisle containing plenty of new and current technology.

It was also a crowded place to be at and a near impossibility to get close to some of the gadgets being displayed. I did manage to come away with a nice set of earphone but it came with a price — I had to cut up my current earphone that I carry with my iPhone.

I was walking by the Kicker booth when a transparent head containing cut up sets of earphone caught my attention.

“That is bad noise,” said a pretty Kicker spokesperson.

She offered a new Kicker headset with a microphone if I were willing to cut up my pair of Apple earphones. After listening to the difference in sound quality I was easly sold and couldn’t take the scissors and cut up my set fast enough. A few clips later I had a nice iPhone compatible stereo headset. The set retais for about $30 according to the Kicker website. The joke was on them as the pair I cut up was an inexpensive set purchased from Amazon for about $10. Nice deal for me

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