Blue Man day

Blue man group open casting at The Venetian in Las Vegas. Lots of waiting. Blue Man group auditions are not what I expected.

Not sure why I am here. A room full of men from all over all for a chance to get paid to throw paint and bang on drums. I have no drum talent. It was curiosity that brought me here to the Venetian in Las Vegas. Open casting calls gets attention from all types. One guy flew from New York to be here. There is also a guy who made the Top 10 of AGT last season for his magic and fireworks.

I notice that a lot of these guys have tattoos. Do I need a tattoo? I hope not. The only tat I would consider would be artwork of a loved one. Fire symbols, stars and Chinese letters seem to be popular.

I should have brought a pair of drumsticks to help me look like I know what I am doing. I don’t even have a head shot or a resume to attach to the form that I was told to write my name and information.

This is the second open casting call I have been to. Earlier this year I spent hours waiting for a chance to be the next Apprentice. At least we get to wait in the nice air conditioned lobby of The Blue Man Group Theater. I am No. 60 and they just called number 37. Can’t be long now.

I was right. It was not much longer. However, I don’t play drums so the nice young women behind a curtain thanked me for coming and pointed to a back door. So much for my curiosity.

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